5 Shaving Tips For Smoother Legs

The struggles with how to get a smooth shave on the legs can be equally as daunting as it for a facial shave — and there are quite possibly thousands of tips out there about how to do it. One...

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You're Wasting Money On Razors

Shaving is just a part of life. A necessary evil, if you will. Nobody explicitly asked to start adding a razor blade or three to their daily routine; it just kind of happened. Men and women both share this mundane...

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Must-Haves For The Minimalist Traveler

So, you’re a traveler. Your Instagram feed looks like it’s straight out of National Geographic, and you’re constantly curing your wanderlust one dreamy landscape at a time. Most of your followers are simply along for the ride, getting extreme joy...

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3 Steps for a Clean Shave

There’s a plethora of shaving advice out there for guys who need help on how to get a clean shave. It’s an ongoing struggle, particularly if you have sensitive skin or can’t stand the fact that your daily ritual doesn’t...

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Great Moments in the History of Razors

Most men, and women for that matter, likely don’t think much about the history of razors in the morning while they try to scrape excess hair from their face, legs, and underarms. Nevertheless, the history of razors in civilization is...

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