Finally, a razor as clean and logical as you are.
At By Humankind we ignore what is and design what should be,
never designing for men or for women,
we design simply for humankind.

Yesterday we designed a razor.
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for a first look at what we're planning for tomorrow,
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a soft grip,
for a gliding shave.
It's your skin. Go easy on it.
The Razor
moves as a natural
extension of your hand.
Try it, risk free.
stop holding
your razor so far
from the blades.
hold The Razor close
to the blades for a
precise shave.
Try it, risk free.
Give it 30 seconds
and you'll never go back
But we'll give you 30 full days to decide.
If you're not smiling in delight,
send it back for a full refund. No hard feelings.

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