Designed to reduce single-use plastic waste in your daily routine. Scientifically-proven to perform.

Empty plastic bottle on a beach.

EVERY DAY, 28,000 TONS of single-use plastic is disposed into our oceans.

Starting today, you can fight this flow of plastic waste, just by getting ready in the morning.

The Plastic Crisis
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We design our formulas &
packaging to be kind to your
body, and our planet.

Get to know the kind elements
that power our daily routines.

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"Beautifully designed bathroom essentials in solid, no-waste packaging and refillable containers."

Rolling Stone

"The brand’s chic packaging and gender-neutral formulas are as attractive as they are effective."

Fast Company

"This new personal care company ditches single-use plastic for refillable containers."


"Make sure to grab a by Humankind hand sanitizer before they sell out."

Business Insider

"by Humankind's natural formulas were designed to pass performance tests."

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Now the responsible thing to do is also the easy thing to do.We can do better, together.

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  • I love this shampoo. My hair feels healthier and overall better than ever before.

  • Ingredients I can pronounce and feel safe using on myself and my family.

  • Simple, Elegant, Fresh.

  • Good for the planet + Good for me = Great deodorant purchase!

  • The shampoo bar works so freaking good and smells amazing!

  • My mouth is left feeling fresh and clean after every use - I'm obsessed!

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In one year, you’ll save our planet from up to 5 pounds of single-use plastic waste.

Our collective plastic
reduction  grows over time, creating quantifiable and meaningful impact.

Here’s How

It's one small step
for you, one giant leap
by Humankind.

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