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plastic old news. Here’s what some kind humans are saying about us:

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Fast Company

This new personal care company ditches single-use plastic for refillable containers

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...their reductionist take on plastic is exactly the kind of innovation the beauty industry, clean and conventional, needs more of.

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Refillable Deodorant Is Now a Thing, and It's Better for the Environment (and Your Pits)

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Martha Stewart

...Martha knows best. Her latest pick? A new line of eco-friendly care products from by Humankind...

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..the by Humankind portfolio products are rethought from the ground up to eliminate single-use plastic and be kind to the environment.

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by Humankind has developed innovative packaging and formula solutions alike.

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One small step for packaging design, one giant leap by Humankind

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Mental Floss

..a new line of products from the personal care company by Humankind aims to make getting ready a lot more environmentally sustainable.

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