Wet bathroom surfaces are breeding grounds for bacteria. When razor blades make contact with a wet surface, bacteria can transfer to the blade, which can then transfer to your skin when you shave.

Water also causes razor blades to rust, which makes them go dull or worse.

A standing razor simply elevates blades off wet bathroom surfaces, allowing blades to air dry between uses, and minimizing blades' exposure to bacteria that can grow on wet bathroom surfaces.

Hold the razor similar to the way you hold a pen or pencil. This allows for improved control, and reduced pressure on your skin while shaving. Holding The Razor like this can reduce the scraping that occurs when a razor zigs and zags and or presses too hard on your skin, causing hangups. Don't worry. It will only take you 30 seconds to learn how to do it.

Razor Blades that stay dry between uses will last longer than blades that stay wet between uses, when all other variables remain constant. How much longer our blades last, compared to other blade cartridges, will vary based on the conditions of your bathroom.

If you’re open to doing a little experiment at home, try drying your blades off with a towel when you’re done shaving. Do this for a few weeks, consistently, see for yourself how much longer your blades will last. When drying your blades, just be careful not to rub your towel on the gel strip of the blades. This can cause the gel strip to wear out prematurely.

The idea of holding a razor in your fingertips for optimal control while shaving has been around for decades. Just Google it or watch a professional the next time you go to a spa or barber. We simply created a handle that makes it easy for everyone to do it at home.

Yes. The entire surface of The Razor, below the neck, is made from a soft to touch silicone, similar to a soft, form-fitted cell phone case. We designed The Razor this way so it fits comfortably in your hand from virtually any angle, and you won't feel as if you need to hold on so tightly to prevent the razor from slipping in your hand. The Razor should feel almost as if it sticks to your hand when you pick it up.

We don't know.

We have all been brainwashed to believe men and women need different razors. The Razor is designed for everyone, and is intended for use on faces, legs, armpits, and other areas where you may wish to remove unwanted hair.

This is a question more suited for a doctor or medical professional. But as a general rule, if you use the term "razor sharp" when describing an edge that is, well, very sharp, then you already know how sharp one blade of a razor is. Yet you are unable to make this connection when purchasing razors used for shaving.

It's 2017.

Both the 3-Blade and the 5-Blade are best in class razor cartridges, made in the USA, and both deliver great a great shave. This is a matter of personal preference, and do not have enough conclusive customer feedback to provide you with meaningful guidance. If you’re unsure which way to go, try ordering the Razor Set, which ships standard with one 3-Blade Razor Cartridge, and add a pack of 5-Blade Razor Cartridges to your order. After you try both, please share your feedback with us! We’d love to hear what you think.


We do not offer a subscription service because we don't want to send you blades you don't need. When you're running out of blades, order a refill pack and we'll ship it right to you. If we introduce a subscription service, we'll let you know.

Right now we're faced with the challenge of showing people the "T" shaped razor they've used for their entire life is silly and sub-optimally designed. We don't want to over-complicate things. If, however, there's a special color you'd love to see, send us an email and let us know. We'll save it for sure, and if you write or draw something nice, maybe we'll even hang it on the wall.

The Razor weighs 15 Grams.

Unless otherwise noted on The Website, all orders will ship within two (2) business days of their receipt.

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