How bh works

High-performing personal care products 
that are kinder to your body and our planet. 

Refill as needed to help save our planet 
from single-use plastic waste.

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Shampoo bar on a soap dish.
TODAY, we send you —
Your refillable container—or shower dish—and your first refill.

Each container is designed to be durable and easy to travel with, reducing single-use plastic with each refill.

A deodorant refill without the container.
ONGOING, we send you—
Convenient refills on your schedule. Subscribe & save or reorder as needed.

Subscription refills arrive in 2-Packs with 15% off. You can customize your refill frequency anytime through your account.

A stack of shampoo bars in our different scents.
OVER TIME, you’ll —
Reduce your plastic footprint, saving our planet from single-use plastic waste.

We ship using 100% Earth-friendly packaging, and are a proudly carbon-neutral company.