Products scientifically proven to outperform the rest. When you need it, we refill it, so you can save our planet from single-use plastic waste.

Clean, easy-to-understand ingredients. Formulas with purpose. No harmful chemicals. Only the good stuff.

Why Clean

EVERY DAY, 28,000 TONS of single-use plastic are disposed into our oceans.

Starting TODAY, you can fight this flow of plastic waste, just by getting ready in the morning.

Why Single-Use Plastic Sucks

Now the responsible thing to do is also the easy thing to do.

We can do better, together.

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A personal choice with global impact.

Here’s How
*Our collective plastic reduction grows over time, creating quantifiable and meaningful impact.

In one year, you’ll save our planet from up to 5 pounds of single-use plastic waste.*

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It's one small step
for you, one giant leap
by Humankind.

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