bH Elements

Unseen elements team up to make things that matter. Get to know the elements that power our daily routines.

We design our formulas & packaging to
be kind to your body, and our planet.

kind elements, defined:

1 — Easy to understand.

2 — Scientifically-proven.

3 — Safe for daily routines.

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Hyaluronic Acid

A sugar found naturally in our skin that holds water and helps keep it hydrated.


Consisting of a palm, fingers, and thumb — our hands protect, heal, help, educate, deliver, and create.


A conglomerate of tiny soap bubbles, designed to remove excess oils and debris.


A soap making process where saponification occurs without outside sources of heat.


A sedimentary rock formed by fossilized phytoplankton. 

1 — Easy to understand

It's never been harder to make sense of the labels on everyday products — transparency shouldn't stop at an ingredients list. You deserve to know the "why" behind the elements that power your daily routine.

Tartaric Acid

A pH-balancer, naturally derived from grapes.


One of the fastest growing natural fibers on Earth.


Fine, curly, long, short, in-between— threadlike strands grown by humans.


A soft, fibrous substance often used for textiles.

Natural Oils

Derived from plants, these oils form the nourishing base for our shampoo bar.

2 — Scientifically proven

We create high-performing formulas with purpose, backed by science. We test extensively against category leaders in independent laboratory settings, and iterate until we outperform.


One carbon bonded to two oxygen atoms.

Staphylococcus hominis

The sweat-eating bacteria that causes body odor in all of us.


The largest organ of the human body.

shop body wash


The most abundant substance on Earth.

Arrowroot Powder

A starch that softens your skin and excels at moisture-wicking.

3 — safe for daily routines

We don't use ingredients that have been linked to harmful health effects, ever.

You have one body and
we have one planet.
Let’s do better for both.


Moisture exuded through the pores of the skin as a reaction to heat.

Ocean Plastic

The 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans, ranging in size from fishing nets to tiny fragments.

Castor Oil

A vegetable oil pressed from castor beans.  


A layer of water and lipids found on the skin's epidermis, which helps repair skin from the daily loss of cells. 

Essential Oils

Compounds extracted from a plant that capture its scent, flavor, or essence.

Great personal care products don't have to
come at Earth's expense.

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Vitamin B5

A member of the powerful b-complex vitamin family.

Recycled Paper

A material created 
from post-consumer paper waste.   

Baking Soda

A chemical compound that targets B.O.-causing bacteria and absorbs moisture.

Soy Ink

Ink made from soybeans, as opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink