The world’s first

upcycled candle

Just light it to eliminate 67 post-consumer plastic bottles from Earth,

Light a candle,

Alchemy is made from 67 post-consumer plastic bottles that would otherwise have found their way to a landfill or into the ocean and polluted our planet. Instead, bottles are collected, then processed into their basic virgin oil to manufacture one 8oz Alchemy.

We even upcycle ocean plastic (and that’s super hard. google it)

Save the planet.

By burning this candle you are, literally, completing the process of safely eliminating plastic garbage from the planet, forever.

Even the container is made from aluminum which is endlessly recyclable.

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Plastic Negative, Literally

Our upcycling technology, thirteen years in development, breaks down plastic, and returns it to its original virgin ingredients, cleans them, and then repurposing those ingredients to make other materials that are safe to use, like candle wax.

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Step 01

Thermal cracking

Turns plastic polymers into monomers

Step 02


Removes impurities so it burns clean

Step 03

Distillation & separation

Creates stable candle wax

Proven safe to burn

Tested by two of the world's leading labs with results vetted by regulation firms, the Alchemy clears all EU&US requirements and burns comparably to leading candles on the market.

No aromatics or nasty chemicals detected

No halogens (chlorine / bromine) detected

Metals: 50ppm (parts per million) iron, 13ppm nickel, 9ppm vanadium detected.


As safe as burning any premium candle in your home.

Everything you want from a candle

Scent | Begamot & Basil

Burns for | ~50 hours

Sets the mood for | A barefoot walk on the grass

Who are we

by Humankind was founded in 2019 with the mission to help eliminate single-use plastic waste while providing the highest level of personal care products. Over the years we learned that recycling is gravely misunderstood by society, and has very little real impact on the world. So instead of recycling, we replace. Since its inception, by Humankind has eliminated over 100,000 lbs of plastic from unnecessarily polluting our environment.

The Alchemy is a great leap ahead. It is our most innovative and most impactful product yet.

Just light a candle and magically make garbage disappear from the planet.

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