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To Humankind: 

Single-use plastic waste is no joke.

My wake-up call came while on a trip in Thailand. I was in a small boat among tiny, uninhabited islands, in an environment I'd expected to be untouched, when our boat became surrounded by a floating mass of plastic waste. I'd expect to see these things floating in Manhattan's East River, I thought. But here? 

We’ve become irresponsible with our use of single-use plastic in our daily lives. According to the EPA, 1/3 of all waste in landfills is created by personal care products, and our landfills are filling up because 10 million tons of single-use plastic is finding its way into our oceans every year. That's 28,000 tons of plastic, every day. 

We think it's time to do better. Our products aren't perfect solutions to the global crisis of single use plastic waste. But if you switch to our products in your daily morning routine, then you'll save roughly 5 pounds of single-use plastic waste from entering our environment, over the next 12 months, alone. When enough of us join in, our individual impact will add up to real change.

Let's decide to do better, together. 

We hope you join us. 

Brian Bushell


Help save our planet from single-use plastic waste, just by getting ready in the morning.

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