Nutrient-Rich Liquid Body Wash🧽 — $22

A nutrient-rich body wash formulated with natural antioxidants to hydrate and soothe — designed to reduce plastic waste with an aluminum bottle & reusable pump.

  • Sunflower oil and Rapeseed oil provide free radical-fighting Vitamin E - an antioxidant with calming and hydrating properties that supports your skin's moisture barrier.
  • Gentle enough for all skin types.
  • Sulfate-free | vegan | gluten-free | ethically-made.

🌿 Already have a by Humankind reusable pump? Visit our website to purchase your refills without the pump.

🌎 100% carbon neutral. Each refill eliminates 1.31oz of single-use plastic waste.

A single routine can shape our planet’s future — yours.