Hand Sanitizer Mini Set — $15

A moisturizing hand sanitizer designed to reduce single-use plastic waste while on the go.

  • CDC-recommended 65% germ-killing Ethyl alcohol keeps you safe.
  • Hyaluronic acid keeps your hands hydrated.
  • Reusable pump cap transfers from one refill to the next for easy application and less waste.


🌿 Comes with —

  • Three 2.4oz bottles of hand sanitizer, in the scent(s) of your choosing.
  • Three reusable pumps.


Already have by Humankind reusable pumps? Visit our website to purchase your refills without the pumps — and check out our 8oz bottles for a more sustainable way to refill.


🌎 100% carbon neutral. Each set eliminates 2.12oz of single-use plastic waste.

A single routine can shape our planet’s future — yours.