Alcohol-Free Mouthwash Tablets — $15

Natural mouthwash reinvented in a portable tablet form.

  • Alcohol-free with no burn, our formula uses tartaric acid and baking soda to gently combat cavity-causing bacteria by alkalizing the pH in your mouth.
  • Menthol keeps your mouth feeling fresh.
  • The durable glass cup standardizes the dilution of each tablet — creating the perfect mouthful with every use.
  • Refillable silicone tablet holder nests inside the cup and easily separates for travel.
  • Great for those who experience mouth sensitivity or those on the go.
  • Vegan | gluten-free | ethically-made.


🌿 Includes 60 tablets in Peppermint.

🌎 100% carbon neutral. Each time you refill, you eliminate 2.91oz of single-use plastic waste.

A single routine can shape our planet’s future — yours.