Hydrating Shampoo Bar — $15

An all-natural shampoo bar that nourishes your scalp and our planet, eliminating single-use plastic from your routine.

  • Oleic acid, an essential fatty acid, from Sunflower oil locks in moisture, leaving your hair softer and less likely to break.
  • Coconut oil locks in moisture and smooths frizz.
  • Glycerin, a humectant conserved from cold-processing, draws moisture to your skin and moderates pH.
  • Check with your colorist before use on color-treated hair.
  • Vegan | sulfate-free | ethically-made.
  • All scents except Peppermint are gluten-free.


🌿 Variety Pack contains all three scents.

🌎 100% carbon neutral. Each bar saves 2.45oz of single-use plastic waste.

A single routine can shape our planet’s future — yours.