Best-Selling Travel Set✈️ — $20

This travel set is designed for a long weekend, without the plastic waste.

  • Vegan | cruelty free | ethically made.

🌿 Comes with —

  • Shower comes with —
    • Shampoo - Bar — An all-natural, moisturizing shampoo bar that nourishes your scalp. Includes one 0.75 oz bar in  Citrus-Lavender.
    • Conditioner - Bar — An all-natural and long-lasting conditioner in bar form. Non-irritating and doesn't cause build-up.  Includes one 0.75 oz bar in Unscented.
    • Body Wash - Bar — An extra-moisturizing body wash in bar form. Gentle enough for all skin types.  Includes one 0.75 oz bar in Tea Tree.
  • Full also contains —
    • Mouthwash Tablets — A gentle, alcohol-free natural mouthwash reinvented in a portable tablet form. Great for those with mouth sensitivities. Includes 6 tablets in Peppermint.
    • Toothpaste Tablets — 100% natural toothpaste in tablet form, designed to polish and strengthen your teeth. Contains fluoride. Includes 6 tablets in Mint.
    • Cotton Swabs — 100% biodegradable swabs made using bamboo and cotton, without single-use plastic. Includes 6 swabs.


🌎 100% carbon neutral. Eliminates 1.81 oz of single-use plastic waste.

A single routine can shape our planet’s future — yours.